Men's Imperial Taylor Limited Collections

Over 800 years ago, Hangzhou was the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty, and naturally, a thriving cultural hub. The city quickly became known as a prominent center for craftsmanship where the art of embroidery blossomed and the unique Hangzhou-stitch was developed.  This style of stitching has left a strong legacy, as it can still be observed in best Chinese silk products today. Unlike much of the contemporary mass machine produced products, the Hangzhou stitch is done meticulously by hand, mastered by few and unique in style.

Hangzhou native and Imperial Tailors' master artist, Master Wang Shenghong, has designed clothing for a diversity great influentials such as the palace's Court Minister, famous socialites, ambassadors, and world leaders. For nearly 20 years, Master Shenghong  has also honed his flair through designing thousands of costumes for as much as 155 out of 180 types of traditional Chinese opera. His costume design has even been featured in several opera performances during the 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony. As a designer, his primary goal is to keep the spirit of Hangzhou’s cultural craftsmanship alive using modern techniques and attention to idiosyncracy.

Master Shenhong’s dream is to bring to life the luxurious traditional garments and styles of many centuries into modern society. He continues to fulfill his dream crafting the most noble pursuit of perfection from China, to the world.

If you wish to order a custom, hand made Imperial Collection, please contact us directly so that we can collect your measurements and order details.